Our educational program helps our students understand and apply what they learn. At the New Leaf Academy, we want to help make a new generation of independent thinkers who will change the world for the better!

A primary tenet of our philosophy is, our students do not study to pass a test at the end of the year. They study to master the subject, so that they can apply it in their life! That is why our students study at their own pace and get 100% in each subject.

At our school, students are free to have their own ideas. For eons “everyone knew” that the Sun revolved around the Earth. That is, until Copernicus thought otherwise. At our school, that kind of thinking is encouraged! Understanding, not just memorization, of each subject is achieved.

Perhaps most importantly, our school treats each student as an individual. There is no cookie-cutter program for every student. Every one of our students is programmed and guided along a personalized path to give them extra help where they need it, and to expand in their areas of interest and skill!

Korbin Springer
Director of the School

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